Other Cool Stuff

I occasionally post about cool things I find at the Cool Thing tag. In addition, I will add other links to things that do not fit the other categories that I recommend.

Lynda.com - This is a great place to get practical training on software and methodologies.  They offer course completion certificates that you can post to LinkedIn and recently were added as a PMI® accredited trainer.

LootCrate (affiliate link, I get $5 store credit) - This is a cool fun thing where you get a box filled with geeky stuff curated each month around a theme.  I have been a member since January 2014 and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Club Nintendo - If you have a WiiU or 3DS I recommend registering your games here to get coins to redeem for more games or fun Nintendo stuff. (Note: This was discontinued, but might be replaced with something else soon)

Karma Go - This is a mifi that you can share with others while keeping your own separate data that never expires.  I am currently testing this device but it seems cool.  You can also set up an account to use other people's Karmas if you come across them.