I do care about transparency and authenticity in life and on the internet.  So this page will serve to give any relationships I have that you may feel entitled to know that I could forget to mention in any given post and to explain my methodology for disclosure in my posts. They include but are not limited to (crappy pseudo-legal speak, sorry):

1. I am a Christian, please email me if you care to talk about that.
2. I worked as a for a government contracting company as my full time job for about 7 years.
3. I worked for 3 summers as an intern with a tapered roller bearing manufacturing company in the environmental engineering department.
4. I worked for just under 9 months as an underwriter for a property and casualty insurance carrier
5. I have done freelance photography in the past for a handful of small businesses in the past.  I will disclose these relationships as needed.  One exception being the Plaid Avenger and crew. I did photography work for them once, but at this point I am just a fan that buys their stuff and enjoys their work.

Affiliate Programs:

I see affiliate programs as win-win-win situations.  You get a product or service you need, the affiliate makes a sale and I get a cut for putting everyone together. This is only true if I use affiliate relationships in an ethical way.  I commit to only be an affiliate for people I personally respect and/or products I know will provide value above and beyond their cost.

I will place "(affiliate link)" or "(affiliate)" after any link that would cause me to get some sort of payment (and in many cases I will post a non-affiliate link option).  If that tag is not there then there is no payment or benefit I get from the link besides helping you find more information.  If through back-links they find I have sent them traffic and offer me a deal I will update the post accordingly.

Current Affiliates:

None, with the possible exception of services that automatically have affiliate programs. Any links will be noted as stated above.

Stock Ownership:

I do own a some stock in companies.  While I do not think it is anyone's business what I choose to invest in, since I do discuss technology on this site and in other mediums I will disclose that I own a handful of shares each in the following companies.  If I ever discuss another company that I own stock in I will disclose that at the time.  I personally do not believe my ownership stake to be significant in my personal finances or their business practices, but some may disagree.

  • Apple

  • Amazon

  • Google

  • Netflix

  • Tesla Motors

Free Stuff:

I also commit to visibly disclosing any trials or free products or services I may receive that I discuss.  Unless disclosed I have paid for all products and services discussed on my site and elsewhere online.

Paid Posts:

At the moment, I do not see the place for "paid" posts on my site, so there will be none.  I may write paid posts for other sites that I will link to on this site.  I will also disclose past paid work for those sites when mentioning them here. Other mediums (like Twitter for example) I may not be able to disclose due to space, but I will try.

Crowd Funding:

Here are my crowd funding accounts if you want to see who/what I support.  I don't think these things matter, I consider them on par with directly buying a product, but some people do.


If there is anything I have missed or that you would like to see me add please email me.