Cool Thing: LootCrate

EDIT: Since originally writing this post LootCrate has filed for bankruptcy and I no longer recommend joining. I am leaving this post because it really was a cool thing in their time.

I joined LootCrate in January and have loved it.  The basics are that for $13.37 + shipping (haha, 1337 get it?) you get a box shipped to you with a bunch of random things selected to meet a geeky theme.  Since I joined the themes have ranged from Heroes to Villains to "Attack on Titanfall" and everything in between just about. 

My first crate in January 2014

If you would like more information check out their website here.  If you want to help me get more crates for free please use my referral code and I will get $5 store credit.

They currently ship to the US, Canada, and several EU countries but prices vary.