We all need to learn humility. Some more than others, but we all need it. I have provided below just a few places you can look to potentially step outside of yourself. Please keep in mind I am a straight white male, so I have selected these because they opened my eyes to some of my blind spots. I am not endorsing these as true, simply asking you to engage with them each assuming that people in them are speaking what they believe to be true and honest when they describe their experiences. Use this to gain some minor insight into their point of view. Your mileage may vary.

Note: Links in this post open to new tabs for those that want to read everything I have listed here.

This is Phil Fish (Internet Fame)

If you have heard of a game called Fez this will likely be familiar to you.  If not, I think this will still be interesting.  This was not done by Phil Fish, and even if you still think he is a jerk after seeing this, try to imagine what this experience was like for him and other internet ""celebrities.""

Dark Mode as Accessibility (Different Sight Constraints)

I never considered this an accessibility feature before.  I sometimes see floaters, but not nearly as bad as this writer seems to indicate.  Click the headline to visit the page.

The F-Word Panel (Women in the Games Industry)

This panel was held as PAX Prime in 2014.  I found this to be really interesting.  For a moment put aside any notions about #Gamergate or anything else.  Just consider for as long as you watch this video that these women are being truthful about their experiences and feelings.  Later you can decide if you agree or not.

Voice Over in iOS (Accessibility Features in iOS)

If you have an iOS device I recommend turning on voice over mode for a few minutes and see how it works.  There are people that need that to use their devices.  Some apps do it well, others really do not. Click the headline for iOS users and here is a link for those of you on Android.


I do not expect you to think that everyone else is right and you are wrong.  I do not know if you are wrong or not.  But I hope in a small way these help to open your eyes to what it might be like for people other than you and me.  Thanks!

Update (7 OCT 2014): I thought this talk by Anita Sarkeesian at XOXO in 2014 was in line with this as well.  Click here.